Having problems with your chimney?

When a damaged chimney is letting the aesthetics of your home down, you’ve come to the right place for chimney repairs. Whether for the inside or the outside, you can count on our specialists to have it looking as good as new in no time at all.

Due to the constant battering of the weather from all angles, your fitting won’t be protected which means that your materials can break down a lot sooner than the rest of your house. Our chimney repointing service in Ashford is available to prevent loose bricks from becoming a danger, and damaged materials from ruining how your property looks.

Partial and full services

Whether you’ve got a few missing bricks or your chimney looks like it’s about to fall apart, we want to hear from you today, We serve Ashford, Cantebury, Folkestone and the surrounding areas.

We offer full chimney repairs and chimney repointing for damaged installations, or we can provide minor spot treatments.

Don’t let a weathered chimney affect your home’s appearance. Call us in Kent today on

01303 813 814

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