Keep your chimney looking its best

Chimney maintenance is required to ensure that the brickwork and mortar lasts for as long as possible. Our team in Ashford can visit your home on a periodic basis to check for any signs of damages and wear and tear before they escalate to land you with a costly repairs bill. 

Not only is this great for your wallet, but it also keeps your chimney healthy. Or are you looking for a chimney sweeping service? Ask our professionals in Ashford and Folkestone for more information about how we can prevent build-ups of toxic chemicals and ensure a smooth passage for smoke and ash to flow through.

Partial and full services

Whether you’ve got a few missing bricks or your chimney looks like it’s about to fall apart, we want to hear from you today, We serve Ashford, Cantebury, Folkestone and the surrounding areas.

We offer full chimney repairs and chimney repointing for damaged installations, or we can provide minor spot treatments.

A healthy looking chimney

  • Chimney maintenance

  • Chimney sweeping

  • Chimney rebuilding

  • Bird wires

  • Bird nest removal

  • Chimney pots fitted

  • Chimney cowls fitted

  • Inner lining maintenance

  • Competitive prices

Leaking Chimneys

The ravages of time, wind and weather, condensation, frost damage and chimney fires are some of the reasons why chimneys start leaking.

Leakage can give rise to a number of problems, such as the smell of smoke indoors, inadequate updraught, the risk of fire or carbon monoxide poisoning.

Chimney Cleaning

Before starting sealing and repair work the chimney should be cleaned mechanically to remove soot, tar and loose particles with steel brushes.

Preserving Cross Sectional Area

For more about Eldfast, take a look at our fireplace liners fitting page.

If your chimney has seen better days, contact us in Ashford, Kent today on

01303 813 814

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