Complete the look with our fireplace liners

Fireplace liners need to be considered not only to add the final touch to the design of your fireplace, but also the right material has to be installed for the type of fuel that’s been burned. For your convenience, our experienced team in Ashford can help you narrow down the choice. 

Whether you’ve got an oil, gas or solid fuel burning fireplace, we can provide an installation that meets your requirements. One of our professional fireplace liner fittings can last you for many years to come, and we can advise you on the best way to keep it in top condition for the long term.

Choose the right style

Our fireplace liner fittings are available in a number of different designs. Depending on the type of theme that you’re looking to create, whether traditional or more contemporary, we’ll have something that can complement your fireplace.

The Eldfast Method

Eldfast has been developed to meet today’s strict requirements and has all the characteristics you would expect of a modern lining and repair agent.

Sealing a chimney

After lining with the Eldfast method you will have a chimney that is leak-proof, very hard-wearing, completely fireproof, and gives a better updraught as a consequence.


Is a ceramic material that does not contain lime or cement and can therefore withstand continuous exposure to extreme temperatures having been rigorously tested by Wimlas and BSRIA to conform to current building regulations and requirements after the 1st April 2002 changes.

An Eldfast Lining Transforms a badly performing gas flue block…
Utilising some adaptions to the installer’s tooling (for which Landyvent are seeking patent), even gas flue blocks can be cleaned and lined, making full use of the nominal coating thickness of the Eldfast system in order to retain those vital minimum flue measurements. Obviously this same benefit is applicable to several similar types of flue constructions: eg. concrete flue blocks and clay liners which can also be lined and sealed using Eldfast.

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